How to tell if she feels safe next to you

If she feels safe next to you, it means that she sees you as a man who will not hurt her physically or emotionally. She may even feel like she can trust you with her most private thoughts.

She might even send signals using her eyes (which is good for you because locking your gaze releases oxytocin). Other signs include smiling while talking to you and glancing at your lips.

1. She isn’t afraid to talk to you

If she’s willing to open up to you about her feelings, it’s a good sign that she feels safe with you. She’ll also listen to your thoughts and try to mirror them.

She’ll also likely introduce you to her friends and family. This is a clear sign that she cares about you and trusts you enough to let people know she’s dating someone new.

She might even text you a lot and follow your social media updates with a lot of enthusiasm. This is one of the clearest signs that she likes you and isn’t afraid to show it. She’ll also talk about her day and share her feelings with you freely. She’ll want to talk about anything with you.

2. She isn’t afraid to express her feelings

She will be able to express her thoughts without worrying that you won’t understand her, make fun of them, or attack her while disagreeing. She will also feel safe to touch you. Whether it’s a hug or holding hands, she will reach out to you.

If she’s comfortable with you, she will introduce you to her friends and family. This shows that she respects you. She may also ask hypothetical questions about your future together, which is a sign that she wants extra assurance that her feelings are reciprocated. She will also compliment you frequently. This could be anything from your looks to your talents and inner qualities. She will see you as a partner rather than just a friend. She will encourage you to pursue your dreams and goals.

3. She isn’t afraid to trust you

She isn’t afraid to fall in love with you but she does worry about someone leaving her again. She’s been left behind, ghosted, and cheated on more times than she cares to count.

She wants to feel like she can trust you with her whole heart. She wants to know that you won’t leave her or break her in the future.

She knows that you can’t be perfect but she believes in you and feels safe when she is around you. She’s ready to let you in, even if it means trusting you with her whole heart. Just don’t let her down. You are worth the risk. She loves you that much.

4. She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable

Many people have a fear of being vulnerable. This may be a result of difficult childhood experiences or having been hurt by people they trusted in the past.

Vulnerability is necessary in relationships to create trust and intimacy. It involves sharing both your positive and negative emotions. However, it isn’t always easy.

It takes courage to open up and show your true self, especially when you’ve been hurt before. Fortunately, it’s possible to break out of the Wheel of Fear and start being vulnerable more often. It can take time, but it’s well worth the effort. It’s what leads to true, emotional intimacy. It also opens the door to joy, creativity, love, tenderness and connection. It’s what makes us human. So make her feel safe, and she’ll be more willing to be vulnerable with you.

5. She isn’t afraid to ask for help

If she feels safe next to you, she won’t be afraid to ask for help. She may need emotional support when dealing with a difficult situation, or she may need physical help to do something that requires two people. She also might need help to explore, learn, and grow in a particular area of her life. In many Western societies, it is a common belief that self-reliance is the most important thing. While this is a good idea, it can be taken too far and sometimes we need help to make progress towards our goals. She will be able to tell you what she needs and trust you to provide it.